Contractor Engagement Made Easy
Maintain & Engage with a pool of Contracting resources to meet your Client demands


Easily engage with your Contract Resource pool to maintain accurate Details, Skills and Availability.

Custom Fields

Add Custom Fields to retain and maintain the Contractor data you have/want. Custom fields include Text, Memo, Date & Checkbox data types.


Search the Contractor Exchange for the Skills and Availability you need to meet your Client demands. Including search of document content.

Activity Log

Access the Activity Log for your Registered Contractors, including your Notes.

Companies/Agents/Staffing Houses

Free Trial

$ 0 per month
  • 3 Staff
  • 10 Contractors
  • 3 Documents per Contractor
  • 1 Custom Field
  • No Notifications

  • Consultant Search functionality

  • 50 Contractor Engagements per month


$ 49 per month
  • 5 Staff
  • 100 Contractors
  • 5 Documents per Contractor
  • 3 Custom Fields
  • Weekly Notifications

  • Consultant Search Functionality

  • 500 Contractor Engagements per month


$ 199 per month
  • 15 Staff
  • 2000 Contractors
  • 10 Documents per Contractor
  • 6 Custom Fields
  • Daily Notifications

  • Consultant Search Functionlaity including document content
  • 10,000 Contractor Engagements per month


$ 299 per month
  • Unlimited Staff
  • Unlimited Contractors
  • 15 Documents per Contractor
  • 15 Custom Fields
  • Hourly or Instant 

  • Consultant Search Functionlaity including document content
  • 50,000 Contractor Engagements per month
All rates are in USD

Contractors & Consultants

Use the application to maintain Skills & Availability updating the details in one place and have all your registered Agents/Companies informed. You as a Contractor control the Agencies/Companies you're registered with, and therefore who receive's notification of changes to your information.


Maintain your Availability through your current Enagement Type, End Date, and Notice Period

Registered Companies

You control which Agencies/Companies have access to your information though a Registration process. If you remove a Registration request, that Company will no longer have access to your information through the Exchange.


Record your Skills and expertise level so that you appear in searches to meet Client needs.

Uploaded Documents

Upload your CV, Certificates and References so that they're available to your regsitered Agencies/Companies.
Document content can be included in Company searches.

Contractors and Consultants


$ 0 per month
  • Unlimited Company Registrations
  • Unlimited Skills
  • 3 Document Uploads
  • Potential future enhancements including:
  • Limited
    (when implemented)
  • Experience Log
  • Online CV


$ 5 per month
  • Everything in the Free account plus...

  • 10 Document Uploads
  • Potential future enhancements including:
  • Unlimited Commendations
    (when implemented)
  • Experience Log
  • Premium Online CV
All rates are in USD


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